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Jedox 5.1 – a Consultant’s Perspective : Part 2 – Security

Blue Doors LockedSecurity is critical in any Jedox implementation. Efficient ‘lock down’ of your models are just as important to an organisation as the data they contain. There has been a need for an additional layer of security in Jedox’s database architecture for a while now.

Pre-5.1 , you could lock down cubes , dimensional elements, even cells. But you could not actually hide or restrict databases themselves. This is a hugely important step – now you can hide all assortment of databases from certain user groups. A great example that has come up time and time again for me is around Payroll models. Even though Jedox security stops unauthorised access to cubes and dimensions within a Payroll database, the fact that unauthorised users could ‘see’ the database folder name made administrators nervous. This is now a thing of the past with the Jedox developers re-writing the security model to cater for  databases. There is now a separate security object (#_GROUP_DATABASE_DATA) that allows admins to restrict by group access to a database.

This new security development also opens the door potentially to a more multi-tenanted approach to model development. I have updated our security templates for database restriction and made them available :

Web Security Template

Excel Security Template (pw:jedox)


Videos and Stories from the Coal Face

In case any of you missed it, a few weeks ago, Jedox released the Virtual Showroom This site is a showcase of the Jedox technology via videos and helps explain to business users how the technology works. It is an excellent starting point to understanding what is in the latest Jedox version, especially if you are using this for the first time.

From time to time, we will be putting out some interesting posts on some stories from the field from Naked Data consultants and our clients under the Category “Stories from the Coal Face”. I hope you find them enjoyable.

Naked Data also has a group of videos presented by David Upton which dive a little bit deeper in terms of system functionality and are really helpful, especially when you need specific help on a certain feature.

Here is one on the Jedox Web System Manager: