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My ​​5 favourite partner stories from the Jedox Partner Summit


On Tuesday, I shared some of my take-homes from the Jedox Partner Summit after hearing superstars, like Matthias Kramer, Rolf Gegenmantel, and Niklas Panzer. Today was the final day and I had the chance to hear Jedox partners talk about their work in different industries the world over. Here are 5 that piqued my interest:

1.     Not a dollar in diagnostic sight – Polymathic Systems

When you think of Jedox, you may be forgiven for thinking Finance. Budgeting. Consolidations.  Board reports. But Polymathic Systems apply Jedox as a performance management tool for radiologists. The radiologists used to go through a manually-intensive process for any analysis. Now using Jedox they have real-time analytics flowing from Diagnostic Imaging systems, instantly analysing resources and workloads to better manage systems and staff rosters that save lives on a daily basis.

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5 Messages From the Jedox Partner Summit

My first partner Summit was in Freiburg, back in 2012. Two years on, I find myself in sunny Mainz, a peaceful student town in west Germany, for yet another chance to interact with the people who are championing Jedox around the world. Let’s have a quick look at 5 lessons from the 2014 Jedox Partner Summit.


CTO Matthias Kraemer delivering the technology update

1. International Flavour

With such a broad range of partners, it is little wonder the Jedox team have expanded the User Interface languages by such a degree. I’ve met people from the world over, from my own colleague in Finland to the hotshots of Washington to the South-American contingent, who are fuelling​ rapidly expanding economies by bringing Jedox to ​their growing markets.

2. Jedox 5.1

I can’t give away too many secrets at this stage, but I’m certainly excited for the release of Jedox 5.1. It always pays to listen carefully to your customers, and Jedox have certainly taken their advice. ​Jedox 5.1 looks great, has a very slick feel, with some powerful new analytics functionality. ​There’s so much in there, they could have call​ed it Jedox 6. And of course, there’s a few visually friendly additions too (hint: there will be colours).

3. Rapid Expansion

New partners everywhere. I feel as though I’ve only scratched the tip of the iceberg here. Question time pops up and as always, you’ve got your long-time Jedox partners (Coker Solutions, Mazepoint, etc.). But this year more than ever, you’ve got your “Hi, we’re new Jedox partners, and we’d like to congratulate…” popping up more and more. There are now more than 100 Jedox partners globally, and Jedox has grown by an average of over 40% annually over the last 3 years.


4. The Buzz

There’s a real sense of progress here. You can feel the energy in all the Jedox guys. So many young, fresh faces, and you can feel their excitement at where the company is going. Jedox’s agility is really telling, and keeping them ahead of ​new technology ​curve​s;​ their ​new cloud ​edition is a great example. We’ve always been a flexible organisation at Naked Data, and it’s great to work with a​ team that adapt​s so quickly to changing markets.


5. Hard Work Pays Off

It’s always good to see hard work recognised, and the BARC 13 results certainly reward Jedox’s constant emphasis on innovation. Jedox won recognition as a leader in 7 categories, including user recommendations, Self-Service KPIs, and Performance, implementation and self-service BI support. Earlier in the year, Jedox also took home the 2014 IT Innovation Award at the CeBIT 2014, the world’s largest information and communication technology trade fair.