My ​​5 favourite partner stories from the Jedox Partner Summit


On Tuesday, I shared some of my take-homes from the Jedox Partner Summit after hearing superstars, like Matthias Kramer, Rolf Gegenmantel, and Niklas Panzer. Today was the final day and I had the chance to hear Jedox partners talk about their work in different industries the world over. Here are 5 that piqued my interest:

1.     Not a dollar in diagnostic sight – Polymathic Systems

When you think of Jedox, you may be forgiven for thinking Finance. Budgeting. Consolidations.  Board reports. But Polymathic Systems apply Jedox as a performance management tool for radiologists. The radiologists used to go through a manually-intensive process for any analysis. Now using Jedox they have real-time analytics flowing from Diagnostic Imaging systems, instantly analysing resources and workloads to better manage systems and staff rosters that save lives on a daily basis.


2.    Naked Data across the breadth of Asia-Pacific


What would a Partner Summit be if we didn’t toot our own horn a little? My colleague Brendan Fraher told us about Naked Data‘s expansion through the Asia-Pacific. Our partner network has quadrupled in size since the last partner summit, and our mark on the APAC region is growing rapidly, with exciting work at Standard Chartered Bank and Unilever Phillipines great examples of recent progress.

3.      Uncle Sam & Jedox

I’ve never heard such a frank summary of the US government. Wayland and Chris Coker laid out Uncle Sam’s issues (BI-wise), and how Coker Logistics Solutions (be sure to check out their blog) are mobilising such a large (and inflexible) organisation. They spoke how the government must become more flexible and fast-moving, and how an agile and flexible tool like Jedox enables that transformation. They demonstrated how the US military is using Jedox to manage deployment in Afghanistan.

4.      Perfect Sight + grand-scale vision

French partner Perfect Sight introduced us to a truly global solution they implemented last year at an International Outsourcing company. With over 150,000 staff working in 230 contact centres in 46 countries throughout Europe, this company  was initially going to purchase an IBM TM1 solution. But the Controlling Manager saw Jedox’s potential and they are now rolling out financial budgeting, forecasting and planning from Papua New Guina to Peru, South Africa to Sweden. What took three employees a nearly two-weeks a month, now takes a single employee a day and half.

5.     MI: PO with 2K

Speaking of global impact, local heroes 2k BI Solutions have been working with Siemens. Excel-hell is never ideal, but when your head offices are dealing with data from many different countries, it turns into Mission Impossible. 2k have however done their best Tom Cruise impression, compiling data from several source systems and Excel worldwide by using Jedox. Their solution presents relevant KPIs in an easily analysable format, with drill-down and deep insight into a complex, global organisation.

Of course there were more excellent presentations across the Jedox Partner Summit, and these five really made me sit up and take notice. Congratulations to everyone who took part in a very interesting and rewarding conference. Looking forward to the next one already!

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