Jedox to SAP Connectivity Part 2 – Setting up the Jedox SAP Connector

Continuing on from my prior post on SAP Connectivity Part 1, the next step is configuring the SAP Connector in Jedox ETL.

After you have successfully installed SAP JCo Connector, you need to select the SAP Connector component during the Jedox all-in-one install process. This will install the Jedox ETL SAP Connector where it establishes the connection to SAP and supports several extract types.

At the time of the Jedox installation, you need to tick the check box for SAP Connectivity:

The following screen comes up where you would need to specify the directory path where the SAP JCO connector files are stored. Select the location:


During the installation of the SAP Java Connector, the files sapjco3.jar and sapjco3.dll are installed on the server. When you install Jedox with the SAP Connector, the installer copies these files to the folder {Jedox-Suite-install-path}\tomcat\webapps\etlserver\WEB-INF\lib_external.

For Jedox to be able to connect to SAP, you need to confirm that your Jedox Suite licence key has SAP Connectivity enabled. Go to System Manager , then click on Licences:


If you do not see SAP Connector listed, you cannot connect to SAP via the Jedox SAP Connector. If it is not listed, please contact your Jedox representative for further information.

Ok, we are nearly there! In Part 3, I will step you through how to establish connectivity directly to the SAP system and confirm your connection in Jedox ETL. At ths point, We will need assistance from the SAP team (the BASIS Administrator) to import transport requests.

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