Exploring Row and Column Properties

There are a whole bunch of web report properties that you can play with in Jedox Web Macros that can add a touch of professionalism to your web reports. Every small addition of function that you can add to your reports increases the likelihood that your users are going to embrace what you are giving them.

The file here illustrates some possibilities with row and column adjustments. You can set up a macro to allow the user to size the column or move it to an exact width. 

Here, I am adjusting the row  height in pixels, retrieved from another cell on the workbook:

$height = ActiveWorkbook()->names->item('example1_height')->value;
 $row = ActiveWorkbook()->names->item('example1_row')->value;

..and now the column width:

$width = ActiveWorkbook()->names->item('example3_width')->value;
 $col = ActiveWorkbook()->names->item('example3_col')->value;


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