Macros : Named Ranges

OK. So you know have got the hang of writing a bit of php code and you can now refer and transfer data around your spreadsheet with ease. However, there is a problem here. The issue with referring to cells in Jedox Web is the same issue you get with referring to cells on a spreadsheet – a cell reference is relative and my php code is fixed: if I insert or delete a row or column on my spreadsheet, suddenly my macro stops working.

As with Excel, Jedox Web can use named ranges. By referring to a named range it means that my code will not fail if the cell moves. Jedox refers to ranges differently than Excel. The trick here is that Jedox uses a Name class, while Excel uses the Range class. Jedox has a Range class too, but not to refer to named ranges…

Download the sample here

// Referring to a Named Range

$value = ActiveWorkbook()->names->item('MyRange1')->value;

We can also create a name range on the fly:

// Creating a Named Range in code:


Using the Name class is powerful – you are really starting make your web templates bulletproof when you employ this method for referring to cells or ranges.

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