Chris Mentor

September 12, 2013

Welcome to the Naked Leaf. This blog started as a response to the dearth of information available on the web for Jedox technology. I am hoping in the next little while I will go somewhat to addressing the shortfall out there and encourage others with intimate technical experience to do the same. The blog is not designed for step-by-step training; this  blog is for people interested in exploring the technology’s extent and capability.

What is Jedox?

Jedox is a software platform that allows organisations to plan, report, analyse their corporate information. It facilitates the rear-view mirror perspective (actuals/reporting/analysis) and the road ahead vision (planning/what-if) in a structured manner to give organisations a full view of their corporate performance.  Jedox is developed by Jedox AG, a software development company based in Freiburg, Germany.

Why Jedox?

If you have problems and/or serious pain with reporting, consolidating, planning, analysing numbers in your organisation then Jedox may be a good fit. Jedox is flexible – it is used across departments (e.g. Financial, Operational, HR, Treasury, etc.) and across all industry verticals.

For more information/collateral around these things, you can hit up the Jedox or Naked Data websites.

When wouldn’t you use it?

Jedox doesn’t really do document management (like SharePoint, Alfresco, Liferay, etc). Nor is Jedox a relational, transactional reporting tool (like Jaspersoft, SSRS, Pentaho, etc). Although the Jedox Suite does touch these areas, if your pain points are primarily these, you would be best to look to other tools to solve your problems. Jedox is however, a broad church that fits a large volume of everyday information management challenges encountered in organisations.

I will be working through a bunch of examples. All of them use either the Jedox Demo database or the Biker database on a local machine (localhost). Both come with the default install of Jedox.

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